Animated Videos That Explain Your Startup or Business In 60 Seconds

We will design experiences for your target audience that allows them to quickly connect with your message in a fun and meaningful way.

We do this by creating stories from the perspective of your prospect’s mind, making them the main character of your narrative and showing them why your idea, product or service matters to them.

Whether your objective is to educate, sell a product or service, build better brand recognition, or to simplify a complex idea to share; Motion Graphics is the perfect medium to deliver your well defined message in a short power packed punch.

We can help you:

• Dissect your information and cut right into the heart of WHY your idea, product or service matters to your prospects

• Present your message in a quick, fun and simple way that eliminates all the junk that makes your video ineffective

• Create story lines and narrative from the perspective of your audience, helping you connect with them in a deeper level

• Develop illustrations and characters that will give life to your narrative, leaving lasting impressions that provides higher impact

• Professional voice over that tells your story through captivating narratives that will hold your audience spellbound

• Wrap everything up in a neat little 60 second gem that presents your best information in one fast, fun, power packed and straight to the heart video


[In a Nutshell] We will:   (1) Brainstorm, (2) Script, (3) Illustrate, (4) Narrate & (5) Animate your awesome message into a neat Motion Graphics Video!

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